Three Things To Know Before Installing A Compact AC System

If you want an affordable and efficient HVAC system, today there are compact systems that can be installed. These work the same as your conventional air conditioner, but they work with a series of compact ducts and high velocity airflow. This has many benefits, such as allowing these systems to easily be installed in existing homes or used for renovations. If you are thinking about a compact AC system, here are some facts you may want to know:

1. Installing Compact Systems In Existing Homes

Compact air conditioning can be a great solution to use in homes that were never designed to have central heating and air conditioning systems. The small ducts are no larger than plumbing drain pipes, so they can easily be installed in existing walls without doing invasive improvements and repairs to install ductwork. They also have a small plenum that can be installed in a small inconspicuous space in an attic or crawl space. The plenum will be no bigger than an average duct in a conventional HVAC system.

2. Dehumidify Air With Compact Systems For Efficiency

One of the benefits of compact AC systems is that they efficiently dehumidify the air in your home. This makes the air dryer and more comfortable at higher temperatures. Less humidity means you to set your AC to a higher temperature to use less energy. These systems also produce more condensation because of this, so they may also require an additional pump to move the water away from the air handler. This will also help to make the air in your home cleaner and healthier.

3. Space Saving With Compact HVAC Systems

Compact AC systems have a compact space saving design. This means that the returns and vents are hardly noticeable. They can be installed in ceiling areas that do not interfere with your interior design. With a compact AC system, you will not have to worry about large furniture blocking vents and returns. You will want to choose a location of vents where air does not blow directly on people. If you plan to do additions and renovations in the future, you will also be able to easily expand your system with the compact design.

These are some facts that you may want to know about compact AC systems. If you are ready to have one of these compact systems installed in your home, contact a professional HVAC installation contractor and talk with them about a compact system for your home. 

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