6 Warnings That Your Air Conditioner Needs A Repair

If your air conditioner is not working at its full efficiency, you could suffer from high levels of discomfort during warm months. Therefore, if you notice any signs that your air conditioning unit is not working properly, you should schedule a repair or inspection from your trusted specialist. Here are the signs to look out for:

Lack of Cold Air for Prolonged Periods

You might discover that your AC isn't doing what it's supposed to do regularly. It might be at full blast and yet none of the air is as cold as you expect. It might not even be cold at all. This could be a signal that you have a refrigerant leak. However, that doesn't mean you can simply add refrigerant on your own. If you don't add the right amount (or if the type of fluid doesn't exactly match the manufacturer's specifications, it could damage your AC unit further. 

Air Not Flowing Well

Maybe your AC has cold air blowing from it, but the strength of the air is very low. This could signal a number of issues, and should be dealt with as soon as possible to avoid further damage to your AC unit.

Issues With The Thermostat

Sometimes the thermostat is the issue, not the AC unit. If one area of your home is warm and the other is cold, this could indicate such a problem. This is because a sensor in the thermostat could have a faulty evaporative coil. 

Extra Moisture

When you notice an air conditioner leaking, it could be a couple different problems:

1) It could be some refrigerant. These leaks could pose a health hazard. Repair them at once.

2) A water pool next to your AC could indicate that the drain hose is broken or blocked. This isn't necessarily serious but you still want to fix the issue as soon as possible. 

Unusual Sounds

If you notice strange sounds like grinding or squeaking from your air conditioner then you may need to get it checked. This is because the compressor fan can stop working, meaning that the system turns on and off more abruptly. The occasional startup noises are common, but they are cause for concern if they continue.

Odd Smells

Your air conditioner should not emit smells, especially bad ones,  if it is working correctly. If you begin to smell something pungent then you could be dealing with a variety of issues that could elevate if they are not fixed soon.

When the hot months hit, you want to be prepared with a reliable, functioning AC unit. Take care of it with proper maintenance and routine checkups. Always contact your local trusted professional AC service provider if you suspect that you are experiencing any of the issues mentioned in this article. To learn more, contact an air conditioning repair company likeA Bailey Plumbing

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