3 Things You Can Do To Better Insulate Your House So That Your Heater Doesn't Have To Work As Hard

As the weather gets colder, the heater in your house will start to work harder to keep up with heating the house. Because of this, many people see a spike in their utility bill as they try to keep their house warm. One thing that many people fail to recognize is that their house is not as well insulated as it should be, which means that they are spending more money than necessary on keeping the house warm. Here are some things you can do to better insulate your home.

1. Weather Strip The Doors

When a house is originally built, it has weather stripping around the door to help seal the door while it is closed. As the door opens and closes throughout the years, it will wear down the weather stripping so that there are parts of the weather stripping that are not longer spongy and effective. If you have worn-down weather stripping, it will cause air to pass through the door so that no matter how much you blast the heater, the hot air leaves the house, and the cold air comes in. This will only cause you to spend more money on heat, since your heater is working extra hard. A simple fix of the weather stripping could save you lots of money.

2. Replace The Windows

Old windows can be terrible for the energy efficiency of your home. If the window is no longer insulating the area, you will lose so much air through the parts that aren't sealed that the house will become increasingly cold, and it will be very difficult to maintain a comfortable temperature. This is why you should check your windows to make sure they are working. Is the window cold to the touch? Is there dirt or debris between the pane? Can you hear wheezing when standing by the window? All of these are signs that the window needs to be replaced.

3. Put Down Rugs

Lastly, you can better insulate the house by simply holding the air in through furnishings. If you have bare floors and walls, it will cause the air to pass through the house quicker and so the heat won't stay. This is ideal for the summer, when you need lots of circulation, but is terrible in the winter. Consider putting down rugs in the winter, so that you can hold the air in better.

By doing these simple things you can keep your house better insulated. Contact a heating repair contractor at a company like Total Comfort Heating & Air Condition for additional advice on improving your heater's efficiency.

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