4 Autumn AC Repairs That Will Reduce Maintenance Costs When Next Spring Arrives

Autumn is a time when there is a lot of maintenance that needs to be done around your home, including maintenance to your air conditioner. With good autumn maintenance and repair, you will ensure that your AC is ready for spring the next year, and your maintenance costs will be kept low. Here are some autumn AC repairs that will help reduce maintenance costs when next spring arrives:

1. Checking Ventilation System, Ducts and Filtration

The first part of fall maintenance for your air conditioner is the ventilation system. First, check the air filter and make sure that it has been changed and is clean. If you have the cleanable type of air filter, you can remove it and clean it. In addition, check any that all the vents and returns inside your home are clean as well. You may want to hire HVAC contractors to clean inside ductwork as well, since it can be hard to reach on your own.

2. Cleaning the Condensing Unit to Prevent Winter Damage

The condensing unit outside your home is another component of your air conditioner that will need maintenance during the autumn months. Before you turn your AC off for the year, make sure that the condensing unit is clean and that condensation drains are dry and free of debris before you do any winterization to your system.

3. Adjusting Ducts to Prepare for Winter Heating

Before you switch from air conditioning to heating this winter, you may need to adjust the ductwork. There are plenums as part of ductwork that have dampers inside of them. These dampers can be adjusted for optimal cooling or heating performance. During the autumn months you may want to adjust the dampers for the heating needs of your home. 

4. Checking the Thermostat and Servicing Your AC Before Winter

Checking the thermostat and servicing your AC before the winter months is also important. If you have a thermostat with battery backups, then the batteries need to be replaced before the winter months. This is also a great time to contact an air conditioning contractor for help with servicing your system and doing any commercial air conditioning repair that may be needed.

These are some of the autumn AC repairs and maintenance that will help prevent problems in spring. If you need help with servicing your AC or other repairs, contact an AC repair service to ensure you are ready to make it through the cold weather and for spring next year. 

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