Ductless Air: Situations Which Could Require It

When you're examining different ways to cool indoor spaces, many different choices may become visible. Ductless cooling might not be something you've been able to experience yourself, but it can be preferable to other systems. In fact, there are some situations which almost require this cooling solution. Which?

Renovations are Planned

Whenever you're open to expanding your house or business, excitement over planning can give way to irritation when you've got to plan ductwork. Ensuring that your new room fits into the existing ductwork plan could drastically change what you're envisioning. Ductless cooling systems, however, allow you to plan a new space however you like; a mini-unit can be hooked up in any room and connected to the outdoor unit without trouble.

Window Frames are Failing

The bulky, heavy window units you might be using can be hard on window frames. The big units drip, which could cause some wood damage, but the sheer weight of the units sitting in the window can also affect the strength and integrity of the frame. If you don't want to destroy your window frames, ductless systems can be superior to window units.

Ductless system provide other benefits to those used to window air conditioners. The small unit that will be put in the space will permit you to use the window for other purposes and will be much less visible. You won't have to shout over loud window units and you also won't have to worry about the huge part of the window unit that sticks out and is visible to anyone looking at the building.

Heating is Also Needed

Any older building may have a variety of needs; in particular, if the cooling system needs updating and the heating system does too, a ductless system is vital. You don't want to have to lay out cash for a cooling system, only to discover baseboards or the boiler isn't functional. Ductless pumps are easily configured to provide heat or cool air depending on the settings. This can not only save you considerable money, but will also be easier to install one system and maintain it.

In these scenarios, it's clear that ductless cooling systems offer relief from heat and other benefits. Discuss your commercial or residential space with HVAC contractors, such as from  Jahnke  Heating & Air; they'll explain further how this cooling method could ultimately result in faster installations, more efficient functioning and lower utility bills over time for you.

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