Been Putting It Off? 4 Reasons You Should Schedule Your Heating Maintenance

If you don't schedule those annual maintenance calls for your heater, you may think that you're saving yourself some time and money. Unfortunately, that's not necessarily the case. In fact, you may be setting yourself up for some serious problems. Here are just four of the many benefits you'll enjoy when you have your heater serviced at least once a year.

You'll Protect That Bottom Line

When you own your home, you've got to remain focused on the bottom line — making sure your home is running as smoothly as possible. Maintaining your heater is one of the best things you can do when it comes to protecting that bottom line.


If your heater is still under warranty, the annual maintenance call will help you avoid lapses in the coverage. Most manufacturers have specific requirements where the warranty is concerned. Maintenance is one of those requirements. When you ensure proper maintenance, you protect the validity of your warranty.

Energy Bills

If your heating bill seems to go up every month, it might not be due to the temperature drops. You may be experiencing the downside of not maintaining your heater. Poor maintenance makes your heater run less efficiently, which translates into increased energy bills. Save money each month by having your heater serviced once a year.


If you want to avoid replacing your heater before it's time, schedule the maintenance appointments. A poorly functioning heater will wear out much quicker, which means you'll probably need to replace it long before you're ready for another major investment. Increase the longevity of your heater by insisting on the annual maintenance calls.

You'll Stay Much Warmer

If you spent the majority of last winter shivering in your home, it's time to get your heater serviced. Those service calls can take care of the issues that are keeping you cold during the winter. There are components on your heater that will wear out before the rest of the system does. Unfortunately, when those components fail, the rest of the system can't keep up, which means you're left in the cold. The annual maintenance will ensure that those mechanical issues are taken care of quickly.

You'll Breathe Easier

If you've been sneezing more than usual, your heater may be trying to tell you something. When you think of places that collect dust in your home, you probably don't think of your heater; but you should. Your heater could be filled with dirt, dust, pet dander, and even bugs. A service call for heating maintenance will help reduce the allergy symptoms you're experiencing inside your own home.

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