Forgot To Maintain Your A/C Before The Snow Hit? How And Why You Can Still Do It

This year, winter hit a little sooner than expected. A lot of the Midwest and parts of the Northeast have already seen snow. Many of those states were seeing snow accumulation before Halloween. If you live in these regions and you put off doing your A/C maintenance with the intent of doing it a little bit later in the year, it is not too late. Here is why you can still complete this annual task, and how it will be managed with a layer of snow hanging around your air conditioner. 

Your HVAC Technician Will Just Clear Away the Snow

If there is any snow on the part of your air conditioner that is outside, your HVAC technician will just clear it away. It is not a big deal; the snow will not melt on a refrigerated appliance anyway. The main thing your technician will want to check at this point is the amount of ice that may have accumulated on the exterior of the condenser box and any ice that may be on the inside of the box. He or she needs to clear away the snow and ice to prevent parts of the air conditioner from rusting and/or splitting (i.e., hoses). Then the usual steps to maintain the appliance are carried out. 

The A/C Will Be Covered and Wrapped Immediately After Maintenance Is Finished 

Once the technician is finished with the maintenance tasks for your air conditioner, he/she wraps and covers the condenser box to keep it clean and safe. This protects the box against future snowfalls and readies it for next summer (or whenever you turn on the air conditioner again). All of the components for your air conditioner that are inside your home do not need to be wrapped or covered. They only need to be cleaned and checked. 

Why You Can Still Do A/C Maintenance After It Has Already Snowed

There is never really a bad time to do air conditioning maintenance, with the exception of trying to do maintenance in the middle of a bad blizzard. Then you will not be able to get any HVAC technician to come to your home because of the severity of the storm to do A/C maintenance. If you have a heating emergency in a blizzard, however, the technician may attempt to come and fix your heating appliance because the appliance is inside the house and it is a dire need in a blizzard. 

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