Top Thermostat Mistakes To Avoid And Helpful Pro Tips To Follow

The programmable thermostat is an important part of your air conditioning system, and its function is to regulate the temperature of your space to what you set. Unfortunately, common mistakes relating to how you use and set your thermostat can disrupt your comfort levels and drive up your energy bills.

The top thermostat mistakes to avoid include the following.

Setting The Wrong Temperature

Going to extremes is the biggest and most common of thermostat mistakes. This problem is more prevalent during the warmer summer season when many set the temperature too low. Setting your air conditioning unit's temperature to a slightly higher temperature should give you the comfort you need while helping you save money.

Additionally, setting a temperature too low will only overwork your system. As your air conditioner works harder to reach the set temperature, your energy bills will also run higher.

Pro Tip: Do some research on what counts as a perfect temperature setting for your area in a particular season. What you will need for your space shouldn't be too different from what works for everyone else.

Changing Your Temperature Setting Too Frequently

Frequently changing the setting on your thermostat will put unnecessary strain on your air conditioning system. As you make these changes, your system will need to turn on and off accordingly to keep up with these adjustments. It shouldn't surprise you much if your energy bill runs a little high.

Instead, leave your air conditioner to do its work and regulate the temperature throughout your space. Often the reason why you may feel the need to keep turning your thermostat up or down has to do with your space not cooling off or heating up fast enough. Practice some patience to avoid the temptation to constantly change your thermostat settings.

Pro Tip: Let cloth layering work for you. Add or put off that extra layer of clothing as need be, and you won't need to touch your air conditioning settings.

Turning Your AC Off While Away

Do you only ever turn on your air conditioning system when you get home from work, and leave it off all day while away? Unfortunately, this may not save you money on energy bills, and you'll only end up with poor indoor air quality.

Pro Tip: Use the setback feature on your thermostat instead of turning off your air conditioning unit. You can set when the unit kicks back on before you get home.

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