Furnace Issues In Late Winter That Will Need To Be Repaired Before Turning Your Heating Off

In late winter, there may be problems with your furnace that need to be repaired. The troubles with your furnace can sometimes be minor, but they cause higher energy bills. In the worst cases, they will cause the heating not to work at all. The following furnace issues are some of the problems that you are going to have to deal with before getting ready for spring:

Emergency Repairs for Carbon Monoxide Leaks  

The furnace may need to have emergency repairs during the winter months. This is something that can be due to issues with cracked or failing components that cause carbon monoxide leaks. Signs that your furnace may be the cause of carbon monoxide leaks in your home include:

  • Burning smells with no smoke
  • Damaged exhaust flue
  • Constantly running furnace
  • Noticeably reduced efficiency

You want to have the system tested for leaks regularly to ensure these hazards are not present. If you have a problem with carbon monoxide leaks, you will want to have emergency repairs done.

Pilot Light Problems With Furnaces

The pilot light of your furnace is probably a problem that you have to deal with every year. This is due to the buildup of carbon deposits and wear. Cleaning the pilot light can help prevent these problems. This can also happen to the burner or heating elements inside the furnace. If they are damaged due to buildup, they are going to need to be replaced to solve these issues.

Sensors and Furnace Control Panels

The heat sensors of your furnace can be another problem during the late winter months. This is due to wear and buildup that can cause them to fail and need to be replaced. In addition, there may be problems with control panels and electrical wiring that will need to be repaired.  

Filters and Ductwork Damage

During the winter months, a blocked furnace air filter can hamper the airflow of your system. So, changing the filter may be an easy solution to your heating troubles. Another problem that can cause issues with airflow is damaged ductwork. Therefore, you will want to look for signs of damage to ducts that need to be repaired when changing the filter. You will also want to have the blower checked to ensure it is working properly and efficiently.

The furnace's issues will need to be repaired before spring to ensure they do not get worse before next winter. Contact a furnace repair service for help fixing these issues when you have problems this winter.

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