Things You Can Do To Keep Your AC System In Top-Running Condition

If you rely on an air conditioning system to keep your home cool and cozy during the hot summer months, then you're aware that proper maintenance of the system is necessary to ensure continued enjoyment of the cooling effect it creates within the home.

While it's generally recommended to have an HVAC specialist inspect, clean, and service your AC equipment at least once a year, there are some relatively simple tasks you can do yourself to help keep your home's cooling system working properly.

Here are some things you can do to help keep your cooling system running at its best.

Replace The Air Filter Regularly

Typically located in the return air duct, the air filter in your home's AC system helps to catch and prevent airborne dirt particles from entering the system. When it becomes dirty, it restricts normal airflow within the system. This makes the system overwork to bring cool air into your living space, thus resulting in increased energy consumption and high cooling bills.

The air filters in air conditioners used in the average American home should be replaced after every 3 months. If your home has a higher-than-average concentration of contaminants in the air, it may require more frequent air filter replacements.

When you replace dirty AC air filters, you not only make strides towards more effective and efficient home cooling but also improve the home's indoor air quality.

Keep The Outside Unit Clear Of Obstructions

Trees, shrubs, and bushes tend to grow fast in hot weather, especially if it rains. If these plants are left to grow too close to the outdoor unit of your AC equipment, they can restrict heat dissipation to the outdoor environment. This can drastically hurt the performance and efficiency of your cooling system.

Make sure your system's outdoor unit is kept clear of any vegetation or other obstructions that may prevent the system from transferring heat outside.

Protect The Outside Unit From The Elements

Even though your AC equipment is designed to withstand different weather patterns, direct exposure to rain or sunshine can be detrimental to their performance and lifespan. Consider installing some sort of protection such as an awning to help keep the outside elements at bay.

Do not cover your outdoor unit with any material that may prevent the unit from breathing.

For more tips on how to take good care of your home's AC system, contact an AC maintenance technician.

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