5 Signs You Need Urgent AC Repair

The decision on whether to replace or repair your air conditioner (AC) isn't easy to make, especially if you are not familiar with how the system works. AC repair is necessary if the system is experiencing minor issues. On the other hand, if the AC system is aging or has regular breakdowns, replacement should be the most logical option. The following are signs that your AC unit requires urgent repairs:

Inadequate Airflow

If your AC system is releasing insufficient airflow, it is a clear sign of a blockage preventing the free movement of air through the ductwork. It could represent a broken motor, a clogged air filter, and another severe issue. In that case, you should call AC repair services to resolve the issue before it gets worse. If the problem persists, you may ask the technician to install an energy-recovery ventilator for an efficient stale-to-fresh-air exchange.

Warm Air from Vents

A properly functioning AC unit should release cold air to regulate the temperature inside your home. If your system isn't doing so, change the temperature settings to a level lower than the current room temperature. The AC unit might keep releasing warm air, especially if it has compressor issues or restricted airflow. 

Unusually High Humidity

Part of the work of an AC unit is to regulate indoor humidity levels automatically. If it isn't doing so, you need to have a technician repair it as soon as possible. Whether it is replacing essential parts or a simple re-calibration, a specialist will sort it out.

Strange Noises

A typical AC unit will make some noise upon starting and shutting down. During the rest of the time, it remains relatively quiet. However, the onset of strange, loud, and sudden noise signals significant system issues. For example, a rattling AC unit might have some loose parts. Grinding or whining noises, on the other hand, may mean the need for significant repairs.

Turning on and Off Too Often

Regardless of the prevailing weather, your AC unit goes through on-and-off cycles to regulate the temperature inside your home. While these cycles are important, they shouldn't be too frequent. Upon noticing an anomaly, call for AC repair services to re-tune the system to behave normally.


The purpose of AC repair is to solve issues when they arise. Therefore, if you notice that your AC system has inadequate airflow, warm air from vents, unusually high humidity, strange noises, or frequent on-and-off cycles, call a technician to fix the problem.

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