Could The Compressor Of Your AC Unit Be Failing? 3 Indications It Needs Repair

The condition of your air conditioner determines your level of comfort, particularly when the sun gets hotter. If your AC unit is working well, you can expect a comfortable indoor environment even when the temperatures are incredibly high. On the other hand, when the AC system starts failing, you will likely suffer stuffiness, high temperatures, and overall poor indoor air quality. Several parts don't have to fail or become faulty for your AC unit to stop working. In fact, even a single component, such as the compressor, can greatly affect how the AC unit performs its cooling function. A compressor usually works by cooling the warm air that flows through it before returning to the general circulation. Here are three indications that your AC's compressor is damaged and needs repair. 

When You Have Higher Temperatures Than Normal

The main point of having an AC unit is to cool the air and ensure that your interiors are comfortable at all times. You are supposed to set the thermostat to a specific temperature, and the system should maintain it as long as it is working. If the compressor fails, it cannot extract the heat from the refrigerant as it should. The cooling efficiency of the whole system will drop, and you will struggle with higher temperatures during the day. You should call a technician as soon as you start noticing your AC is not cooling your home, even if the AC unit is still running.

Loud Noises When the System Is Running

The air conditioner works with a muted humming sound, but the sound should not be loud enough to cause any disturbance in your home. You need to check the compressor if your AC system becomes noisy to the extent of interrupting your activities. The compressor has several separate components, and it also uses a sealed bearing to run. If any interior parts break, the unit will make banging, squealing, and other unusual sounds. You might not know what is causing the noises, which is why you should have an AC repair professional assess it right away. 

When You Experience Moisture Leaks

Another indication that your AC unit has a problem is when you start experiencing moisture leaks around the compressor. Moisture leaking indicates that the refrigerant is not turning warm air into cold air as it should. Often, this is an indicator that the compressor has failed and needs repair. It's good to note that the refrigerant leaking from the compressor system could also cause moisture leaks. Refrigerant is harmful when inhaled or ingested, which is why you should get an expert to repair the system immediately.

These are indicators that the compressor of your AC system is failing and needs immediate repairs. Hire a competent technician to check its condition and determine the causes of the issues it has developed and the most appropriate repairs. For more information about AC repair, contact a local technician.

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