Do Your Home's Vents Need To Be Cleaned Out?

One of the necessities your home has regarding its ductwork is having the vents taken care of and cleaned out. This should be done when you start to notice signs that your ducts should be cleaned since there is no certain time or date in which you should have ductwork examined and cleaned out. This means the burden of knowing when to have your ducts cleaned lies on you knowing the signs your ducts are in danger of being clogged or dirty.

It's not very difficult to see when ducts need to be cleaned, so if you take a moment to look at your own home's HVAC system, you should be able to tell if your home's ducts are in need of cleaning. You can also check for signs of air quality discomfort within the home — especially from those in your home who have allergies or asthma — when air is going through your home's vents.

Here are signs your home's vents should be cleaned out. This should be performed by your HVAC specialist. Check your air conditioner or heating system to see if your HVAC specialist has left their name and number on the unit and schedule a duct cleaning if you notice any of the following things.

Your vents aren't blowing consistent air

Are some rooms in your home blowing air while others are lacking in air production or not blowing air at all? Remove a vent cover and shine a flashlight down the vent and you might see a bunch of debris and dust clogging the vents. This might especially be the case if your home has multiple stories where the vents curve and have corners as they snake through different levels of your home.

Your vents stink or smell like something is burning

If your vents stink or smell like something is burning, then your ducts might be harboring food matter, hair, and other dander. You might notice an odor coming from your vents in the winter but not the summer, but this is because the heated air might be more likely to spread smells than cold air is. Your ducts should be cleaned regularly if you have small children or pets in the home, as vents can get more clogged frequently due to pet hair, dander, accidental spills in vents, or curious kids throwing things in vents.

Duct cleaning costs vary depending on how many vents are being treated and other factors. Your HVAC professional will let you know how much this service costs before they begin cleaning your ducts.

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