4 Critical Air Conditioning Repairs That Require Professional Assistance

When the air conditioner breaks down, it can be so frustrating to experience the heat of summer. This article provides 4 critical air conditioning repairs in-home you should never attempt on your own. These fixes require technical skills and special tools to make sure they are performed safely and correctly. That is why you need to contact an HVAC contractor near you.

Ensure Coils are Free From Dirt and Dust

Coils play an important role as they help remove warm air from the house. They also help evaporate refrigerant into the hot gas that is used to cool household or commercial spaces. Over time, these coils get caked with dust, leaves, branches, bugs, and even rodents' nests. Hiring a professional will ensure that debris is removed from the coils.

Repairing Defective Fan Motors

If a defective motor does not allow the fan blades to rotate freely, then this slow turning speed will cause an increase in running time and motor temperatures. This could eventually result in motor failure and expensive replacement costs. A professional HVAC technician has the tools and skills required to diagnose bad bearings or windings that are causing a fan motor to malfunction or inspect faulty capacitors that may have caused the premature failure of your compressor's start winding, resulting in compressor damage.

Replace Your Outdoor Thermostat

If you realize that your outdoor thermostat has stopped working then this could be an indication of bad batteries or wiring issues inside it. A technician will inspect for any visible signs of damage to the unit's wires before replacing its battery or board assembly. Also, if you have lost access to any part of your home's control system due to storm damage or fire, this needs a professional to diagnose what is wrong with it.

Checking Refrigerant Leaks

If there's no refrigerant in your unit, it cannot function properly as it does not produce cool air for your home or office. Leaks are generally due to loose fittings or other components that need repair. A technician will diagnose leaks by using an electronic leak detector or simply applying soapy water solution to suspected areas of the system while listening for a hissing sound. The contractor may use nitrogen gas to seal leaks in the system. Some homeowners use a refrigerant recharge kit for this process, but they should bear in mind that using refrigerant without special tools may cause damage to the compressor's valves when attempting to seal leaks.

For more information on air conditioning repair, contact a professional near you.

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