Why Water Might Be Dripping From Your AC System

The outdoor condenser is the only part of the air conditioning system expected to drip water. This is because as it cools down the air, the moisture in it also condenses. So, you should be alarmed if any other part of the system, especially those inside the house, starts dripping water. In most cases, this indicates that part of the drainage system is compromised. Here are the top four reasons your system might be dripping water and how you can fix the problem.

You Haven't Been Cleaning the Air Filters

The air filter might not seem like a direct reason behind water dripping from a system. However, limited airflow due to a clogged filter makes the evaporator coil freeze. Ultimately, when the frozen water thaws, it spreads over the surface. More so, the air filters could be the problem if your AC only drips water when you turn it off. So clean or replace your filters, as this will automatically solve the problem.

You Have a Clogged Drain Line

A clog in the drain line should be the first problem you troubleshoot when water starts dripping from the air conditioner. Note that if it's blocked, the water will build up in the vents, and look for other escape routes. Dirt, pollen, and debris often accumulate inside the system, especially when you don't clean it routinely. Corrosion is also another common cause of leaking drain lines. That said, although you might know how to troubleshoot the cause of the problem, solving it needs skill and experience. So, call the technician to unclog the drain lines and restore the water flow.

When You Have a Frozen Evaporator Coil

Many things can lead to a frozen evaporator coil. Good examples include low refrigerant levels and problems with the filter. That said, you can prevent this problem by ensuring routine air conditioner check-ups. Note that refrigerant issues such as leaks are comprehensive, and only a professional can fix the issue. This will eliminate your dripping issue.

Your Drain Pan Is Damaged

The drain pan is a reservoir for the water collected from the system. More so, it holds it and removes it appropriately. However, with time it might rust and corrode and start leaking water. If this is the case, an AC technician will help you determine whether they can save the pan through repairs or if you need to replace it.

Schedule a visit with an HVAC to assess and fix any problem you might have, leading to water dripping from the AC. It is a perfect way to eliminate unwanted water that may cause structural damage in your home and optimize the unit's function.

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