The Importance Of Proper Air Conditioning Maintenance

There are three main steps to proper air conditioning maintenance. First, you must clean or replace your air filter regularly. Second, you must have your cooling system professionally inspected and cleaned at least once a year. Finally, you will need to have your air ducts cleaned to remove any dirt and other debris. Unfortunately, far too many homeowners underestimate the importance of completing these maintenance steps. Below you can learn more about why this maintenance is so important so that you can avoid making the same mistake.

Maintaining Energy Efficiency

Over time you may notice that your cooling costs have begun to increase. While you may think that this is the result of your air conditioner getting older, the fact is, these increased costs could be the result of poor maintenance. The reason for this is that when you fail to properly maintain your cooling system, dirt, dust, and debris will begin to clog your air conditioner and make it more difficult for air to properly circulate. This results in your air conditioning system working harder and ultimately consuming more energy. If you have seen a dramatic rise in your cooling costs, there is a good chance that a lack of proper air conditioning maintenance could be to blame. 

Protecting Your Warranty Coverage

If you have a relatively new air conditioning unit in your home, this unit is likely covered by a manufacturer's warranty. What you may not realize is that your commitment to air conditioning maintenance can have a direct impact on the validity of your warranty coverage. This is because most warranties will require you to meet certain requirements for your coverage to remain valid. These requirements will often include following the recommended maintenance schedule for your air conditioner. If you choose not to have your system professionally maintained, your warranty coverage can be voided and any claims that you file will ultimately be denied. The best way to avoid this issue is to have your system inspected and maintained by a licensed contractor in your area before the start of each cooling season.

Minimizing Repair Costs

The harder your air conditioner has to work to cool your home, the more likely you are to find yourself in need of AC repairs. After all, if your cooling system is forced to work overtime, the parts inside this system will inevitably wear out faster and need to be replaced. Properly maintaining your air conditioning system can help you to keep your repair bills to a minimum by ensuring that your air conditioner is functioning as efficiently as possible. Annual maintenance services will also allow you to catch potential problems in their earliest stages before they can result in the need for more expensive repairs. 

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