Commercial Appliance Parts To Keep In Stock

Does your business have a lot of commercial appliances to keep in good condition in order to keep your operation going? If so, it's a good idea to stock up on commercial appliance parts before you actually need to repair or replace anything. Here are some of the different appliance parts that any responsible business owner should keep on hand in case something breaks down. 

Evaporator and Condenser Fans

Any kind of appliance that needs to stay cool will have a series of fans that are used to blow or redistribute air to wherever it needs to go in order to make the entire process work properly. If your evaporator or condenser fans are no longer working efficiently, you can first try to open the system up and give everything a deep cleaning. Sometimes just removing dirt or debris will get the system running smoothly again. But if a fan has become faulty, you may need a replacement in order to keep the circulation of cooled air going.

Thermostats and Defrost Timers

Any appliance that manages to keep itself at a set temperature will make use of one or more thermostats. But thermostats may need a fresh battery change or a quick dusting every once in a while in order to remain in tip-top shape. If you've adjusted a thermostat recently and did not notice any temperature change, try cycling the system, changing the batteries, or cleaning out the inside of the thermostat. If that doesn't work, a replacement thermostat might be needed.

A defrost timer can help reduce any build-up of frost on the condenser coils and allow the system to continue cooling efficiently. A defrost timer that becomes faulty will lead to a build-up of frost which could slowly begin to affect other components until the appliance is no longer working as intended. If your freezer or other appliance with a defrost timer is not cycling properly in this regard, you might have a faulty timer that needs to be replaced.

Compressors and Refrigerant Gas

A compressor handles the job of taking refrigerant gas and pumping it into the condenser. It's the first step in any appliance that needs to cycle this gas or air efficiently in order to make the whole thing work. An appliance with a bad compressor is never going to be able to get the process started. Stay stocked up on a spare compressor or two and don't forget to keep a healthy supply of refrigerant gas as well.

Reach out to a commercial appliance parts supplier for more information.

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