FAQs About Having A Furnace Repaired

When your furnace starts making strange noises, giving off weird odors, or struggling to heat your home, it often needs to be repaired. An HVAC contractor can take a look and let you know which parts need to be repaired or replaced. Every situation is a bit different depending on exactly what's amiss with your furnace. However, as you begin this process, you may have some or all of the following questions about furnace repair, in general.

Will the repairs be covered under warranty?

This depends. Almost all furnaces do come with a warranty. If you do not have a copy of that warranty, contact the company that installed the furnace; they often keep a copy. The warranty may have stipulations that need to have been met in order for repairs to be covered. For example, you might need to have the repairs made by the same company that did the installation. Or, you might need to have the furnace maintained annually for the warranty to have been maintained.

Will the HVAC contractor use brand-name parts?

Most HVAC contractors do preferentially use brand-name parts when making furnace repairs. This simply ensures that they fit perfectly and work their very best. If your furnace is older, the manufacturer may have stopped making parts. Your HVAC installer may then instead use generic parts. These can perform just fine, even though they are not preferred. 

Is it worth having the furnace repaired?

Unfortunately, this is a question you have to answer yourself. Compare the cost of repairs to the cost of replacement. Can you afford a replacement, or are repairs better within your budget? If you were to have your furnace repaired, does the HVAC contractor think something else might go wrong soon? Is your furnace old and about to fail anyways? Ask yourself these questions, and you'll get a better idea of whether repairing your furnace is worth it — to you.

Can you finance furnace repairs?

Some HVAC companies do offer financing, but not all of them do. If yours does not, you may want to consider putting the repair bill on a credit card. You could also take out a small loan with a local credit union or bank.

Hopefully, the answers to these questions help guide you as you make furnace repairs. It's not something most homeowners enjoy having to do, but it is essential if you want to stay warm. 

For more info about heating services, contact a local company. 

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