Why Is Your Home Humid? How Air Conditioning Maintenance And Repairs Can Help

Is your home humid? Even though it may seem like a dehumidifier is the only way to turn this situation around, your AC system can help to control the interior humidity level. If you don't have a central system or the existing unit doesn't remove moisture from the air adequately, take a look at what you need to know about air conditioner maintenance and repairs. 

How Can An AC System Dehumidify Your Home?

While an air conditioner isn't a dehumidifier, it can help to remove excess moisture from the interior air. As the warm, humid spring or summer air passes over the AC system's coils, this essential part of the air conditioner does more than just cool it. To cool your home, the coils separate the heavy moisture out of the air. This condensation collects in the air conditioner and drains out of the system. The result is cool, less humid air inside your home.

Why Is Your Home Humid?

There are a few reasons that your home's air is humid. If the air conditioning system doesn't work effectively or efficiently, is damaged, or has significant wear, it may not extract moisture from the air. This leaves your home humid and hot. Evaporator coils that can't condense the moisture can lead to high humidity issues inside your home. This can happen if the coils are dirty or covered in dust. Lack of regular maintenance and professional AC pre- or post-season cleaning services can result in this type of evaporator issue. 

Your AC system needs refrigerant for the coil to cool the air. This chemical pulls the heat out of the air, moves it through the system, and releases it outside of your home. A refrigerant leak and low levels can reduce the system's cooling power and make it difficult to remove moisture from the air. 

High outdoor humidity levels, lack of insulation, or windows and doors that you leave open or can't close completely can also cause the interior moisture level to rise. Along with these issues, problems with the thermostat or HVAC system's fan can also cause high humidity indoors. 

What Can You Do About High Home Humidity Levels?

Air conditioning repair services can address high humidity levels. A qualified HVAC technician will inspect your home's system, diagnose the problem, and recommend an air conditioning repair option that keeps your home cool and reduces the humidity level. 

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