Restoring The Functionality Of An Air Conditioning System

Are you fed up with the sporadic functionality of your central air conditioning system? When an air conditioning system cools a home in an uneven fashion, resolving the problem could be complicated to figure out. Even if you can figure out the problem, it does not mean that you have the knowledge that is needed to make repairs. For example, if you have noticed that the thermostat is damaged, you might not know how to repair the damaged parts. Multiple parts of an air conditioning system can stop functioning and need an AC contractor.

The Refrigerant Has Been Leaking Out

Refrigerant is a major part of the functionality of an air conditioner, as it helps to produce cold air. Your AC might have a refrigerant leak that you do not know about. A contractor can inspect for a leak and recharge your AC unit if new refrigerant is needed to resolve the problem you are experiencing. The unit might need both Freon and water to resolve the problem if both coolants have been leaking out. If a refrigerant line is damaged, it will have to be repaired as well.

The Condenser Unit is Frozen

The condenser unit is another major part that is necessary for an air conditioner to function. The reason is that the condenser unit is how warm air travels from the inside of your home to the outside. When a condenser coil freezes, it could be due to several problems being present. The coil could be dirty, damaged, or there is something wrong with another part of the system. For example, if the evaporator coil has become frozen, it could lead to the condenser coil freezing as well and stop releasing warm air from your home.

There are Cracks in the Air Ducts

An air conditioner that distributes air unevenly can have a damaged air duct system that is causing the problem. Air ducts do not produce cold air, but they are the most important part of the system for distributing air in your home. If there is a duct in your home that has a crack in it, it could limit the amount of cold air that flows into a specific room. If there are multiple ducts that are damaged, a contractor might need to replace the entire duct system for more efficient cooling. Air ducts that are filled with a lot of debris or the carcasses of rodents can contribute to uneven cooling as well.

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